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the minor fall

the major lift

yo angela
12 June 1984
i love you like a fat kid loves cake.

*my amazing boyfriend*, anthropology, bagels and cream cheese, beale street, bed hair, billy joel, blazing saddles, bright eyes(not the band), burning my own cds, butterflies, calvin and hobbes, ccr, chocolate, classic cars, coldplay, complexity, criminal justice, criminology, csi, dave attel, dave matthews band, daydreaming, discovery channel, disneyworld, dolphins, drawing, drew barrymore, ed norton, elton john, ewan mcgregor, fight club, fireflies, freedom, french toast, friends, garfield, grace kelly, grape juice, green apples, gulf shores, gwen stefani, gwyneth paltrow, icees, jason mraz, jeff buckley, jimmy fallon, john mayer, joseph fiennes, kappa alpha, karaoke, kittens, kiwi, laziness, lemon tea, life, local music, love, madonna, mae west, manhattan, maroon 5, memphis tigers, milk shakes, monty python, moulin rouge, music in general, nicole kidman, norah jones, optimism, orange county, outrageousness, painting, pecans, penguins, pensacola, pete yorn, phantom planet, photography, pickles, pop, productiveness, questioning everything, radiohead, rock, romeo and juliet, rufus wainwright, rupert everett, salvador dali, sarcasm, simplicity, sleep, smiling, smoothies, snoopy, spontaneity, sprinklers, starbucks, steve miller band, stp, strawberries, summer nights, sunsets, sunshine, swimming, tenacious d, that 70s show, the beach, the beatles, the cheshire cat, the police, the strokes, the zoo, train, turtles, twizzlers, u2, waiting for guffman, walking my pup (gatsby), weezer, whiffle ball, will and grace, wisdom